What is our NEW SITUATION?

On October 22, 2018 it was announced to staff at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital that sterilization procedures and storage solutions do not meet new Accreditation Canada standards (a voluntary designation) and to meet these standards would require $8.6 million in infrastructure work as well as the relocation of all surgical and obstetrics programs to other Hamilton Health Sciences’ sites for a period of 27 months.  The date proposed was January, 2019.

This above work and recommendation was developed by Hamilton Health Sciences staff outside of West Lincoln Memorial Hospital and through a third-party consultant.  Neither the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Medical Director nor West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Site Leads were asked to participate in this work and were simply informed of the decision on October 22, 2018.

This management proposal is slated for “approval” at the Hamilton Health Sciences Board meeting on December 6, 2018.   Dr. Benson, Chief of Staff at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, resigned as a result of this decision.


Dr. Benson, Chief of Staff, 

resigned as a result of

this fatal blow

Re-location means..

The proposed re-location of surgical and obstetric services at WLMH will have a drastic impact on the “Our Healthy Futures” plan.


Loss of Anesthesia, ICU, ER

A permanent loss of surgery and obstetrics means the subsequent loss of anesthesia, ICU, ER; in other words, a loss of an acute care hospital.

Funds not secured

At this point, funds for the renovation have not yet been secured, and we do not have approval for the rebuild of the hospital.



We will lose our clinicians and with them, our exemplary teaching program.

Permanent Closures

Re-locating obstetrical services would, in essence, mean a permanent closure of these services at WLMH.


More losses

Is this just the beginning of our losses?   There are so many questions that we all have as a community.




This is a resounding YES!   There is so much that we can do!  We need you to be able to do it!


WLMH Current Programs

The current programs and services that WLMH is running are exemplary in terms of quality and patient safety.



There are Solutions

There are other possible solutions that would allow WLMH to keep current programs and bridge to the rebuild that maintain current patient safety ie. a medical/clinical leadership team from WLMH was struck on October 23rd specifically to work on these bridging solutions.



Planning Phase

“Our minds are not made up on this.  We are in the planning phase.” Dr. Wes Stephhens, CEO HHHS, on CKTB 610 radio – October 23rd, 2018



Viable Plan

Our Healthy Futures remains a viable plan in front of the Ministry of Health.



Solid Plan

A solid plan in place, Accreditation Canada would continue to support our care.



What do we need?

What can we do?


We need Hamilton Health Sciences support to continue our programs on site – there have been many benefits resulting from our merger to date.


We need Hamilton Health Sciences to continue to support us in our urgent need for a hospital rebuild until we have a new hospital.


We need the Ontario Ministry of Health to approve the rebuild – WE NEED THIS APPROVAL NOW



What Needs to be Done..

What needs to be done to conserve services and respect patient safety guidelines at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital without interruption?

  • Give the WLMH Physicians/Clinical leadership team time to come up with a solution that will avoid re-locating services.
  • Give the WLMH Physicians/Clinical leadership team full access to all files and information related to these issues so tahtwe can effectively perform our analysis.
  • Please focus Hamilton Health Sciences on finding solutions to preserve services onsite, not a focus on removing services from WLMH.


Conserve Services

Respect Patient Safety Guidelines at WLMH without Interruption