Learn About Our Unique WLMH Model of Care

One of the things we can do as citizens of Niagara West who support WLMH is to become familiar with our strengths as a community hospital, a rural teaching hospital, and a community medicine “hub”. In many ways, we are seen as a role model Community Hospital in Ontario and WLMH is in fact, the only Community Medicine hospital site of Hamilton Health Sciences.

Community hospitals like ours help make our entire healthcare system work.

Care like what our WLMH provides is well articulated in the overall provincial and national documents that outline what good, local, efficient care should look like as we move forward. One of the success factors is that the family doctors in our area are the leads at the hospital.

We have included some of our key documents here so that you might read more, and thus understand more specifics that help you champion and advocate for WLMH.

It’s time to sing our song!

We haven’t elevated this dialogue fully beyond our own area but its high time we ensure that all Ontarians and indeed Canadians know that a great model of care is right here at WLMH!

Learn more about this amazing and unique model of care.

What Makes WLMH Special


Learn more about Community Medicine:

Small Hospitals in Ontario

Price Baker Report


Learn more about our Medical Teaching:

Medical Teaching at WLMH

Letter from McMaster University Medical Students


comprehensive and coordinated

person-centred and community-based

interprofessional team-based

safe, with a commitment to continuous quality improvement, and 

of good value both financially and in improved health outcomes.