If you were one of the volunteers that brought petitions out to different locations in West Lincoln from Sam Oosterhoff’s (our MPP) office, they will need to be brought to his office by noon on Friday, November 23, 2018 (date extended)  Below is his address:


Unit M1
4961 King Street East
Beamsville, Ontario L0R 1B0





Thanks so much to everyone that took on this task for our hospital!   We know that it takes many hands to complete these many tasks!

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  1. peter carrlocke 4 years ago

    My Journey Through West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

    While debates and public meetings have been raging over the last few days I have been experiencing the heart of the matter. I have been lying in West Lincoln Memorial Hospital after having arrived on Sunday at 3am by ambulance. I had a temperature of 39.8C, was delirious, violently shaking, unable to stand and in septic shock.

    I had undergone an unsuccessful bladder stone removal in Hamilton General Hospital
    The stone had proved to be too big to be easily removed – apparently larger than the x-ray had shown. The stone certainly looked big to me as I watched it drift inside of my bladder via the monitor. As a result, I was sent home to wait for a space to have the stone lasered, gratefully under anesthetic this time.

    But sepsis beat them to it and within a day I was in a critical state. We live only a few hundred yards from WLMH so the ambulance took only a few minutes, to arrive and load me in. On arrival the hospital personnel attended me immediately and within minutes I was made more comfortable and surrounded by attentive hospital staff. Days later I am rested, without pain but still weak and in a regular ward.

    Had this hospital been closed I am not sure if I would be writing this. I cannot say how careful and concerned the staff at WLMH are about your health and your return to life. They are with you and support you on a 24-hour basis.

    Closing this hospital would be a disaster for the surrounding community and we would lose valuable people who cannot be replaced easily. We need to think of them as well. A hospital is one of the corner stones of a town. It is a symbol of care, community and stability. It is a long term facility that serves families through generations.

    Grimsby is expanding and growing rapidly. The next few years will see further population increases that need locally available medical facilities, emergency services and hospital care.

    We should ask ourselves basic questions – what are hospitals for, why do we need them and what role do they play in the surrounding community?

    We must get these answers right before a wrong decision is made in spite of what the population who live here need and want.


    Peter Carr-Locke

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