Our Leadership Team

Our WLMH Medical Leadership Team has called on the community to support efforts to keep all surgical and obstetrics programs at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital while the proposed infrastructure work is completed.  They are engaging with Hamilton Health Sciences to have the opportunity to create an alternate proposal for the interim period.

Through community meetings and engagement through our website, social media, petitions, and word of mouth our Community Action Group leadership team will be guiding the efforts of the community, volunteers and businesses to ultimately get approval for the rebuild of the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

As a community, we are setting up teams to be guided by our leadership to take on different focuses of this campaign to save and rebuild West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.  Each of us has unique skills and we want to access the many talents that we have in our community! Join one of our focus groups, we would love to have you on our team!

Our Leadership


Meet our dedicated leadership team. They will be guiding our community

as we advocate for West Lincoln Memorial Hospital