Take Action

Here’s How You Can Take Action!

Donate Now

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the SaveWLMH Community Action Group (CAG).  Funds raised here for SaveWLMH will be used to support the actions of the CAG.  

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Thank you!!! Every dollar helps!

Stay Up To Date

Like, follow and share our #saveWLMH Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds for latest news, information and updates. (click on the image below)


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Make a Video

Share your #myWLMHstory.  We’d love to hear why WLMH is important to you and about your positive experiences there.  Create a short video (1 min or less) and encourage others to do the same.  Please read these guidelines before creating to make your video as effective as possible!

Write a Letter

Stay tuned. In the new year, the Community Action Group will determine any required letter writing campaign. Thanks to all who have previously done letters.

Spread the Word

Cut out newspaper articles to take to your community groups, rotary meetings, and hockey games.  Create your own poster or lawn sign using these logos.  Chat with your friends and neighbours to keep the discussion alive in the community. Keep your sign up.  We believe that this is key in showing community support.


There are always things that we can use help with!  If you are available/interested and willing to lend a hand, please add your name and possible area of interest to the list here.  We will contact you via email when opportunties are available.

Come to Us

Keep using the hospital. Our Operating Rooms and Obstetrics are open for business. Keep using our local doctors and clinics and services like the Lincoln Community Midwives! Tell our hospital staff how appreciated they are!

Trees of Healthy Wishes

For the holiday season, support WLMH Foundation’s Trees of Healthy Wishes campaign.  Funds are used to support state-of-the-art healthcare equipment, vital programs and special projects at WLMH.

Learn About the WLMH Model of Care

One of the things we can do as citizens of Niagara West who support WLMH , is to become familiar with our strengths as a community hospital, a rural teaching hospital, and community medicine “hub”.  Click here to learn more about what makes WLMH special!


Thank You!

We want to THANK YOU!  Your interest in how you can help and all the voluntary efforts that have happened already are so indicative of what an incredible community we are a part of.  Thank you so much for all that you are doing. We are not finished just yet so please follow one or more of the above suggestions so that we can work as a team.