What is YOUR WLMH Story?

What is YOUR WLMH Story?

We want to hear your story!  

Why is WLMH important to you?  

Who at WLMH has helped you?  

Why do we NEED to rebuild WLMH and continue all services without interruption?

Sharing your personal story is a great way to show how important this hospital is to our community and to explain the impact that it has on the people who live in the area.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing local health system, so let’s be proud and share our stories!

STEP 1:  Prepare Your Story


  1. Keep it short:  1 minute or less if recorded, 5 sentences or less if written
  2. Introduce yourself including which area you live in
  3. Be specific about who at WLMH helped you:  we need to keep the doctors, nurses, midwives and all support staff here in Grimsby
  4. Be specific about why it is important to you to have hospital services in Grimsby
  5. Strong closing:  End your story with “That’s my WLMH story – What’s YOURS?” to encourage others to do the same.  
  6. Write out what you want to say and rehearse it a few times to be comfortable with it and check that it’s not too long.

STEP 2: Record Your Story

OPTION A:  D.I.Y. Video

Record your own video using your phone, tablet or laptop


  1. Film facing windows (rather than in front of a window) and with a good light source (to avoid backlighting)
  2. Make sure the microphone is unobstructed (remove phone case)
  3. Record horizontally
  4. Keep the recording device as still as possible by using a stand,  securely propping it up or having a steady-handed helper
  5. If you really don’t want to be in the video, you can still use the same steps and just record your voice with an interesting still background (a relevant photo, or write out your message on large paper and flip through them as you speak, etc.)

OPTION B:  Professional Videographer

If you would like to have a professional video filmed and edited please contact Amber Lyon Gash on Facebook Messenger to arrange a time and location or to find out more information.  These videos may be shared on the saveWLMH Facebook page or other social media sources.  

OPTION C:  Write it down

Type your story using any digital format as succinctly as possible for posting to social media

STEP 3:  Post and Share

Post your story to whatever social media channels you are comfortable with.  SaveWLMH has a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter: @SaveWlmh

Instagram: save_wlmh

Hashtags:  #saveWLMH and #myWLMHstory

You could also save/upload to YouTube to create a link/URL that is easily shared

Share and encourage others to create their own story video by tagging them!