Open Letter from the Community Action Group

Open Letter from the Community Action Group

November 9, 2018

An Open Letter from the Community Action Group

To Save & Rebuild West Lincoln Memorial Hospital


The Community Action Group made up of concerned and active citizens of West Niagara are steadfast in their efforts to Save & Rebuild West Lincoln Memorial Hospital (WLMH).  

The Community Action Group knows that a solution can be found to keep obstetrics and surgery open at WLMH.

WLMH is a model for primary care delivery in Ontario’s healthcare system.  It is a model of integration from obstetrics to palliative care. It is worth saving!

Not only do we have to save WLMH but we need to rebuild it, as outlined in Hamilton Health Sciences’ (HHS) Our Healthy Future Plan.

How can HHS not know that shutting down surgery and obstetrics for 27 months will essentially close the hospital?  

Regardless of public statements, signals in the community  suggest that HHS may not really have interest in finding a solution to keep surgery and obstetrics open at WLMH.  

Is HHS trying to manufacture a safety crisis to rationalize shutting down WLMH?  Public reporting confirms it is as safe as any site

WLMH’s past accreditation rating was similar or better than comparable hospitals across Ontario.  Patient satisfaction was rated highly, according to Accreditation Canada 2016. Wow!

If HHS is really interested in saving WLMH, why are we hearing that it is being suggested to staff to  look at other HHS jobs at other sites, and/or reassignment?

We want to know why  the media is now not able to have open dialogue with the WLMH Staff. Has HHS limited the ability of our staff to speak about their concerns to us?

Are the academic leaders from the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster being consulted and involved with the HHS plan for WLMH??  We understand the renowned health sciences teaching model at WLMH is entirely at risk now.

We have unease that HHS may be whittling away services  until WLMH is no longer viable.

When will HHS reassure WLMH employees that their jobs are secure…at WLMH?

When will HHS confirm to the community that WLMH offers exemplary care? We know this to be factual and HHS’s own reports commend our care.

The Community Action Group knows that WLMH remains a safe, highly accredited healthcare facility that is a model throughout Ontario.

WLMH is open for business! We want to see our midwives busy, our OR bustling and our beloved community hub vibrant!

The Community Action Group supports all the medical professionals, nurses and staff at WLMH.  Their careers matter. We are inseparable as one community of Niagara West.

Thanks to all the members of the community that have stepped forward including our Member of Parliament,  Sam Oosterhoff, M.P.P.

Our Healthy Future sees a Rebuilt WLMH.  We have to Save WLMH first. There is a solution.  Let’s get it done!



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