Let’s Keep the Momentum!

Let’s Keep the Momentum!

 November 30, 2018 

Wednesday’s announcement by the Province of Ontario was great news in our efforts to Save & Rebuild West Lincoln Memorial Hospital but we are not there yet! 

As we have seen before, there is still a long road ahead until there are shovels in the ground. Rest assured, the Community Action Group will continue to work hard and ensure that nothing will derail the political will to rebuild the hospital. 

We call on the West Niagara community to also remain vigilant and active. You can continue to help by doing the following:

a) KEEP THE SIGNS UP!! We believe blanketing West Niagara with signs was key in showing the community support. Let’s maintain this positive focus.

b) Get a poster, make a poster or take out the poster from page 17 of the October 22 edition of News Now to place in your window or on your door. 

c) Keep using the hospital and related services such as the Lincoln Community Midwives. 

d) Tell hospital staff how appreciated they are to the community. 

e) Visit our community information desk at the Peach King Arena on Saturday, December 1st, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 

f) Keep posting stories and videos on social media #myWLMHstory. 

g) For the holiday season, support WLMH Foundation’s Tree of Healthy Wishes campaign. 

h) In addition, the GoFundMe page ( https://www.gofundme.com/save-wlmh ) is still accessible. Many of our volunteers have incurred their own out of pocket expenses. 

i) Keep up to date by visiting the saveWLMH website http://savewlmh.ca and our various social media platforms. The Community Action Group will continue to keep the community informed. 

Let’s keep the positive energy going until there are shovels in the ground! 


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