Our Second Public Meeting

Our Second Public Meeting

Tonight we held our second public meeting.  So many exciting things have happened in only one week.   Our petitions have been delivered to Sam Oosterhoff’s office and there have been 18,000 signatures supporting “Save WLMH”.  Our voice is very strong!

A leadership team was set up this week.  You can see more about this on the live stream of our meeting on facebook.

One suggestion from this weeks meeting was for community members to write to the Board of Hamilton Health Sciences sharing your personal story about West Lincoln Memorial Hospital and how its services need to remain within our community.  Sam Oosterhoff shared that it is best to hand-write your letter to each of the Board Members because that would stand out from the thousands of typed letters they receive.  For the list of Board Members of Hamilton Health Sciences follow THIS LINK.  Also remember to address you letter with “Personal and Confidential, Attention: Name of Board Member”

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  1. Heather Coleman 5 years ago

    Hi!! Im from Beamsville and have not driven through Grimsby downtown in awhile. So I am not familiar with what signage is out to advertise the ongoing issues with he hospital. There is nothing ” in your face” in Beamsville. Today at my Physio appointment they assured me they are talking it up however have noticed that many of the patients are not aware there are issues with potential closure of services. Is there a plan fro large banners to be put up in Beamsville , Smithville etc so that the community can see whats happening. The signs in my humble opinion need to be #saveWLMH in large letters so that there is no mistaking the purpose.. I would hate for people to think is a funding campaign. It needs to reflect the urgency of our situation. Thank SO MUCH to our medical personnel (Drs Matt, Jen, Dr Gai ..ALL OF YOU! ) who have been incredible, the fiery West Lincoln community for the involvement. To the municipality for contributing funds for this emergency campaign . To Sam O for his continued commitment and focus on this plight.

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